Break The Silence

Amy's Story

How do I know if my kid needs help?

Scene 1

Amy's school was very far from her house. So Amy's dad hired a new van driver to drop her to school.

Finding the right kind of help

Scene 2

The school van driver initially treats Amy very politely and friendly.

What to look for in a diagnosis

Scene 3

Gradually with time he starts sharing dirty talks with Amy. And He points towards Amy's private body parts.

What to expect from your first phone call

Scene 4

Amy felt scared and uncomfortable, But she did not say a word about it to anybody.

Preparing for the first appointment

Scene 5

Due to Amy's silence van driver got encouraged to advance his abusive activities. One day van driver tried to touch Amy inappropriately. Amy having learned about bad touch in her school, gets alarmed and says NO.

What to do if treatment isn’t working

Scene 6

As soon she reaches home she tells her dad that the school van driver is a bad guy and she is not comfortable going to school with him.

What to do if treatment isn’t working

Scene 7

The next day, when the van driver comes to pick up Amy, her dad confronts him and scolds him for his abusive behavior with his daughter.

What to do if treatment isn’t working

Scene 8

Finally, the Van driver is handed over to the police for his heinous act.

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