Say Stop

No matter the authority of the person involved, never tolerate any inappropriate behaviour or touch. Speak up immediately and report the incident to trusted adults and the authorities. Protect yourself always and Say Stop when you are uncomfortable.

Darla's Story

How do I know if my kid needs help?

Scene 1

Darla is a bright girl. She is a smart and active child who loves to participate in every activity. But recently she started facing difficulties in her studies. She needed help. Darla's father noticed this.

Finding the right kind of help

Scene 2

Darla’s father decided to seek help and enrolled her in a nearby tuition centre.

What to look for in a diagnosis

Scene 3

The new tuition teacher was a very friendly and jovial person who entertained and made the kids smile.

Choosing the right clinician

Scene 4

Darla loved going to tuition and enjoyed new ways of learning.

What to expect from your first phone call

Scene 5

One day, Darla reached the tuition centre a bit early, and there were no other kids at the centre.

Preparing for the first appointment

Scene 6

The Tuition Teacher happily welcomed Darla and made her sit, Engaging her with assignments.

What to do if treatment isn’t working

Scene 7

Later he came close to Darla and started caressing her shoulder.

What to do if treatment isn’t working

Scene 8

Gradually he touched Darla's private body parts.

What to do if treatment isn’t working

Scene 9

Darla got alarmed and immediately shouted STOP!

Assessing learning issues

Scene 10

The next day, Darla shared the entire incident with her grandma.

Getting the right services in school

Scene 11

Darla was withdrawn from the tuition center to keep her safe. And Her grandma took action by informing the nearby police, who immediately arrested Tuition Teacher.

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