Hand Signal For Help

Terry's Story

How do I know if my kid needs help?

Scene 1

Terry goes to the tuition centre near her house every day.

Finding the right kind of help

Scene 2

One day when Terry was on the way to the tuition center, She met a stranger who offered her candy. As a smart child, She was aware she should not take things from strangers. So, she refused to take it.

What to look for in a diagnosis

Scene 3

There was no one on the street, so the stranger took advantage of the situation and dragged Terry into the car.

What to expect from your first phone call

Scene 4

Terry began screaming and shouting for help. The man held a knife at terry and threatened to kill her if she screams.

Preparing for the first appointment

Scene 5

Terry understood that she was in danger. She has learned about hand signals for help at school. And she acted smartly and started showing hand signals from the car window.

What to do if treatment isn’t working

Scene 6

Terry's hand signals for help were seen by Darla, who was walking along with his father. Darla quickly informed her father because she knows the hand signals were for help.

What to do if treatment isn’t working

Scene 7

Darla's father immediately stopped the car and called the police.

What to do if treatment isn’t working

Scene 8

Police arrived at the spot and took the criminal into custody.

Assessing learning issues

Scene 9

They immediately informed the police and got neighbour uncle arrested.

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