Shout Loud

Dennis' Story

How do I know if my kid needs help?

Scene 1

Dennis was a happy and extroverted child. One day, while playing in the colony park, he met his new neighbour uncle, who has newly shifted to his locality.

Finding the right kind of help

Scene 2

Neighbour uncle befriended Dennis, and within a month they became good friends.

What to look for in a diagnosis

Scene 3

One fine day neighbour uncle invited Dennis to his house, And Dennis happily went along with him to his house.

What to expect from your first phone call

Scene 4

Neighbour uncle showed his toys collection, seeing which Dennis was overjoyed.

Preparing for the first appointment

Scene 5

While Dennis was busy playing with the toys, Neighbour uncle tried to touch Dennis's private body parts.

What to do if treatment isn’t working

Scene 6

Dennis did not like it. Being a smart child he immediately shouted NO.

What to do if treatment isn’t working

Scene 7

He shouted loudly and rushed out.

What to do if treatment isn’t working

Scene 8

After hearing Dennis shouting, neighbors arrived. Without fear, Dennis told them everything that happened.

Assessing learning issues

Scene 9

They immediately informed the police and got neighbour uncle arrested.

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